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Home Based Business For Sale

After 7 wonderful years of making jewellery and traveling to markets all around the Maritimes, it is now time to pass the adventure on to someone else. We have met so many amazing people and shared many laughs along the way. But after the passing of Wayne this past year, continuing on is just something I cannot do on my own.


I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support over the years! I will miss you.

If you know anyone looking for a home-based business please share this with them. 

                                                                     _     Sandy


My jewelry is made mostly of copper, brass and pewter.  I have chosen the gemstone Jasper as the main addition to my designs because of its infinite variety of colours and markings.  The fact that Jasper is known and worn for its natural energy and positive influence on your internal organs is a plus.  In the early years, kings and shamans were the only people to wear jasper where today we can all enjoy its beauty.
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Leticia Necklace
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